Lion and Rabbit

- Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Germany

Once upon a time, there was a great Lion in the forest. But, like many big and mighty, this Lion too had a soft corner for a small and tiny being. A rabbit.

This Lion and the Rabbit were quite a good friends.

They were so close that the Lion felt okay to reveal all its secrets and weaknesses to the rabbit friend.

"But is it true then", asked the rabbit once, "that a wretched crowing cock can chase away you lions so easily?"

"Indeed it is true", answered the lion; "and it is acknowledged widely, that we big animals all have a little weakness. So you will have heard, for example, of the elephant, that the grunting of a pig raises him shudder and horror."

"Really?", interrupted him the rabbit.

"Well, now I understand why we rabbits are dreadfully afraid of dogs."

[Sent by Petra from Germany]

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